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Who needs Web applications?

Well, for most a Web-application is not the first concern, but as your business grows there will in most cases a point where a web-application might or will make sense.

The best way to get a feeling for when it makes sense is to look at an example:

Let's say you are selling a product in high quantity and you are offering warranty repairs. To enable this Warranty you are committing your user to register their product with you. To do so they are to supply the serial number name and other details.

When a customer now has a product which he would like to return for repair, you would like to speed up the overall process and offer that a product which is returned with a Barcode-label will be repaired in express time. The customer can issue a barcode with some basic information about the repair type on your website.

This would be a case for a web-application.

Such a system could make sense for some simple reasons like:
  • Customer registers product => his details are in your database
  • By issuing a "repair-Barcode" you get advance notice of a product to come and the type of problem to fix
  • By having a barcode accompanying the repair item you can machine read and process the item and avoid manual key-in-mistakes

Internal use

In most cases a web application makes most sense for a companies internal "inTRAnet" purposes. Meaning, there are many administrative processes in a company, that are specific to that company, for which an application can be very helpful. Intranets are a very good environment to realize such applications as web application due to their usually not restricted available bandwidth.

In intranets page loads of up to a Megabyte are no problem at all and offer the possibility to have a "central" maintained application (versus a distributed installation on every PC). In such a scenario the full set of features and technologies can be used.

On the "inTERnet" on the other side bandwidth is a limiting factor and pages of 100k can make the user experience a painfully boring one. Hence Web-Applications on the internet are very much a balancing act between bandwidth consuming feature rich technologies and lean methods of achieving the same goal.

Making the right decision about what type of website to built, what technology to use and what features to offer is all but easy and decision in the wrong direction are costly very difficult to correct.

AgooThai can help you in making the right decision, can provide you with concepts, prototypes and fully functioning web applications.
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