Business support overview

Expanding Business to Asia

Many companies decide at one point in time to expand their business into Asia. Either for Sourcing, production or as extended customer base.

While such considerations make commercially often perfect sense one needs also to take into account that stepping in Markets of different cultural background often mean to take considerable hurdles. The learning curve is often very high.

Often encountered problems are connected to language, Regulations, customary social behaviour, climate, resources .....

Local Assistance

If you intend to get a feel for the market, or if you are going to meet  a customer in Thailand you know, or if you are setting up a project you won in Thailand, there are many things which are sometimes not so easy to manage or arrange from abroad.

Such topics could range from Hotel reservations, organization of cars with or without driver, Lawyer services, Visa facilitation, temporary Business cards with local coordinate, secretarial services, messengers, translation ......

The list of things one might need on a business visit are long and it often is very time-consuming if attempted to be arranged by oneself.

We can provide you the arrangement of all these services in a convenient and professional manner. 


Agent / Representative

Extending ones business into Asia does not necessary mean that you have to be there yourself. Often it is much easier to be represented by someone of trust in the region who knows the environment and is representing you business in the market.

This may be by being your eyes and ears in the market as facilitator to contacts you already have.

This may also be as your agent / Representative with clear directives on the market approach

This may also be as Distributor of your products.

We can provide you with any of these options if you are interested in being present in the Thai market.

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