Planning and Controlling

Structural categories

Project planning

Accounting & Finance / Planning and controlling

The situation

As diverse as the industries are, as diverse are the categorizations of responsibilities in the Accounting & Finance departments.

Trying to get some order in place it makes sense to look for some of the dimensions that have to be satisfied.

Time dimension:
It makes sense in this respect to distinguish the activities as follows:
Reflection of past activities (past & current fiscal period) = Accounting
Reflection of Future  activities (next fiscal period) = Planning
Reflection of current activities (current fiscal period) = Forecasting

Topic dimension:
Cash & payment activities = Treasury
Recording of activities = Accounting
Guidance & Analysis = Controlling
Reporting & Information = Management Accounting/Reporting

Planning & Forecasting

There is more to planning and Forecasting then it meets the eye. The differences and communalities need to be understood. The underlying Product / Report structure needs to be recognized as root cause for much of the complexity a support tool needs to be able to fulfil.


Guiding by information. Controlling is complex and versatile. It addresses Identification and documentation, Planning and Advice, specifications,  Guidance and Monitoring activities. It ensures operational an performance focused success.

Management Accounting / Reporting

Providing information for executive decision making and clarification. Management Accounting / Reporting is an interface for executives to operational controlling, Accounting and reporting. It is a vital function if operational details are getting too complex.


Project Management

File:MitigationPlan.jpgGetting your Projects right is essential  for business success, yet often Project are not understood as areas which have to be managed equally important to general management. In essence Projects are in many aspects similar to overall businesses, but they need a special kind of management: Project management - A discipline which can be tailored to fit any size and type of Projects.


There is no "one" right way in addressing these topics, but there is "your" right way of addressing it.

A suit must fit and the best way of achieving this is to go to a tailor who custom fits it for you.

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