Essential Information Dimensions

IT is the well know acronym for "Information Technology". However Technology is only one part of the realm of Information pertinent to businesses. Equally important is also how information is managed and how the organization treats information. In fact there is a very tight relation between Information Technology, information management and Social treatment of information. This relation is so mutual that missing capabilities in one or more of these three areas is directly connectable to the Profitability of the business. As an Organization is an Organic structure there are no general rules as to how these capability is to be developed, however knowing what to look for, in order to consciously increase these capabilities maturity, opens the door to a profitability increase which otherwise would never be tapped into.

IT Landscape Development

In order to get a grip on the IT situation in any organization it is essential to know what one has. This seems simple enough yet in most organizations there is no structured approach of keeping track of IT related and essential components. Structures like Infrastructure Landscape, Server landscape, Application landscape, Process inventories and the like are essential to determine the "as-is" state and are the basis for the development of the "to-be" state. Setting up an repetitive IT landscaping process is essential in making the right decision where to invest, where to divest, where to redevelop and where to develop newly. As such it is fair to say that no real IT strategy can be developed without having addressed the IT Landscape development.

IT Strategy Development

Developing a strategy for IT is an essential activity considering the dependence and the cost attributed to IT related issues. However the strategy development process itself is not as straight forward as one might think, as with the exception of operations which sell IT as their product, IT is essentially a support function which is purely measured in terms of cost. Yet investments in the right area e.g. Accounting or production can substantially influence the profitability of an organization. Hence to do it right, a clear process reflecting all aspects of IT needs to be in place to address this quite fluid topic.

Process management

Processes are clearly the essential building blocks for successful operations. 

 Knowledge is translated into Rules and processes describe the way these rules are to be fulfilled. However as simple as processes seem to be, it is kind of art form to get them right. Nevertheless there are proven methodologies to design and manage processes and a solid Process Management Program ensures that the right processes are worked on, worked on in the right way and lived throughout the organization


 Business continuity planning 

Disasters can happen, and you need to be prepared for it. A solid plan addressing what matters most in your business is an essential exercise for all businesses. Doing it in a structured manner makes the most out of the time you invest to do it and we can help you not to get sidetracked.


Disaster Recovery planning

Once the need for a risk mitigation for a mission critical element of you business is identified, ways and strategies need to be put in place to ensure that you business is back on track on the level you identified during the business continuity planning as sufficient to continue operations once a disaster really hits.

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