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It is an interesting fact that in times of highly frequent Software Version upgrades people are tempted to upgrade and invest in yet another application which promises to solve their day by day problems.

It is yet another interesting fact that most people and employees are barely scratching the surface of what the software they have can do. It is not widely known nor utilized for that matter that all Microsoft office applications can be fully programmed with VBA. Or to put it in other words, one can develop full applications based on Excel or Word which have nothing to do with the "actual" purpose or Excel or Word.

But one does not have to go that far, already the "standard" functionalities of the Microsoft office suite is immensely powerful and not known to most.

E.g. it is not widely know that one can link "web-content" to excel sheets. Let's say, your bank is publishing Exchange rates, and you would like to have them in your excel sheet. Many would jump to the conclusion to copy the web content and paste it in the excel sheet, but there is a much more elegant way. Link the web content directly and update it whenever you like.

See in the following section on the right side an implementation of this Example:

Implementation of the Example

Let's say you want to reflect the Forex table of Siam Commercial bank in your excel sheet:

Option 1

Open a new window and see both solution side by side.

You can see the bank website and the linked excel sheet below and you can perform the update on this page.

(Click here to open the new Window)

Option 2

You can directly open the bank page with the following link
( Click here to the original website)

you can download the excel file with the following link and make your test locally.
( Click here to see an Excel sheet using this feature.)
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