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In today's business environment it is important to realize and recognize the importance and potential of Software.

It starts already with the simplest of things such as some kind of representation of one's business in the internet. An internet website is the modern form of a business card, giving the "modern" customer the possibility to investigate and get some impression of the offered services from a "save distance" and the convenience of a home's / officie's environment.

When starting to go for your own web-site you have 2 choices:

- A) Static Content Web

- B) Dynamic Web

Once a Web-site is established many business realize the appealing and useful features of the Web2.0 technology and move their Static Web-site towards a Web2.0 enabled site which enables a "rich dynamic" user experience.

For examples of Web2.0 features Click here


Web-Sites as described in the previous section are "one-way" deliveries of content, meaning that the user is presented with the content you as the business want them to see. Yes, the content is presented in a dynamic "rich" Web2.0 environment, but still the user has no influence on the "behaviour or functioning" of your site.

This is where Web applications come in. Web applications are in fact programs functioning on the Web enabling and providing functionality to the user to use. One typical example are online-shops which offer the user to put items which they would like to purchase in a "Shopping-cart".

for more information and a small examples of online applications functionalities
Click here

Desktop tools

Desktop tools are in general the typical Windows application everyone is used to, however there are a wide range of tools/applications businesses are using to do their daily jobs.

There are very detailed definition for application as you can see for example on the wikipedia net , but for the sake of simplicity a categorization as show below is "useful" for smaller businesses which want to take a look for their business to improve efficiency by the use of software applications.

Seen from a "complexity" perspective, the following spectrum reflects applications in an intuitive way.

  • Scripts & Batch-files
  • console tools
  • Desktop tools
  • Windows applications
  • Enterprise applications

Office Support

Working with applications and having discovered the power of custom made application which automate a pervious laborious task, many fall into the trap of having a custom application in mind whenever a potential candidate for automation is recognized.

While custom applications have their rightful place in the tool set of a business, it should also be kept in mind to first ask the question if a given problem on hand can be solved with the tools on hand.

As simple as this sound, it is a matter of fact that most software developments are started for tasks which can be solved with applications on hand. E.g. The real power and potential of let's say Excel is only know to a few and hence the statement can be made that 90% of the Office-applications found on a normal office computer, is simply not used.

This is where AgooThai can help you to make the most of what you have, and it is fair to say that an average computer is nowadays equipped with a lot. In fact, with so much that most users are not finding their way to all the "useful" functions until they have "seen" that they exist. We are happy to provide you with a office review to establish the potential you already have which only needs to be used. Corresponding follow-up trainings can fill this gap and ensure an efficient use of your Office applications.