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The Process of setting up involves a number of steps which need to be followed in order to get your Web-presence established. In the following we go through a high-level process in order to give you an idea what it means to Setup and run a website.

Setup-project and Site-operation

It should be made clear that there are 2 very distinct parts when talking about a Web presence for a business:

A) The Setup Project
The Setup Project has a distinct start and an distinct end and ensures that all design elements and content is clarified, the Web hosting provider is selected, the Domain-name is put in place and the Website is put online.
B) The operation & maintenance of the established site
Operation & maintenance is equally important and distinguishes itself from the Project by Not having a distinct Start/End, but being a continuous operational activity ensuring that the content of the site is updated, Data-structures are maintained, follow-up on potential user-input / user-action is performed ... in short all the activities which are needed to keep the site alive and to keep the promises the site makes.
Note: This distinction is also true for the "cost-aspect" of having a Website.

Project Steps

  • As all good projects the first step is to clarify the scope
In essence it need to be clear what the purpose of the site is and what content is intended to be put online. AgooThai can also help you with this step by coaching you through this phase. Based on the defined content and purpose decisions about the design can be made:
  • Type of Site (see section Website info)
  • Hierarchy and Structure of the site
  • Type of navigation
  • Colour-scheme
  • Artwork/Design-elements
  • Dynamic elements
  • Data-structure/Program logic in case of Web-applications
Following this design-related phase is the establishment of a Prototype. Depending on the size and type of your project, it is necessary to clarify how you later on will be able to maintain your site. Unless you leave the complete "Operation & maintenance" in the Hands of AgooThai (we also offer this as an option for you), you need to ensure that you are equipped with what is necessary to do it on your own premises.
  • Test / Development environment
This is where all future updates, new function etc will be established and agreed before the Site is published to the Hosting provider who exposes your "productive-Web" to the internet. The Test / Development environment consists of elements like:
  • Local-host Web server (e.g. IIS on your PC or Local company intranet)
  • Development Tools
  • Versioning
  • Backup
Based on your Test/Development environment the Site-Creation/Coding can commence.
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Acceptance

The operation & maintenance of the established site

What needs to be established in this phase is mainly the Process of dealing with
  • Site content Updates
  • Reaction on User feedback
  • Ensurance of Actions triggered based on the "design" of a web application
Even with the most simple of pages it is necessary once in a while to update content. This is due to changes in your Business or your portfolio, or simply the way you want the content to be presented. A typical example is the update of Names and e-mail addresses if employees come or go. It should also be noted that a conscious user/client has a look at the "update date" of offers or information.

In Short, it is essential to address the topic of keeping up your site, as it is your agent on the web. It is therefore necessary to clarify who will do the updates and what skill set this person has. If it is to be done by an employee with average office skills then with some basic training a "simple-static-content-website" can be easily maintained with own resources. If however dynamic content up to Application coding is involved, then it makes sense to engage a third party such as AgooThai for this.
AgooThai is offering the complete coverage of the process described here.
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