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Example of simple Functionalities one could develop for Webapplications
Steps Action Comments
Enter your Name or any invented name
Here usually infos like e-mail/Tel ... ... will be collected and checked etc. For the purpose of this example we kept it to one field only
Generate Customer key by clicking on the button
Your Customer No is:
At this point the information are written to the database. In a real life situation a customer who once has an account will use his "User-key" /"CustomerID" to identify him/herself. If you like you can see the latest "entries" in the database, which should also contain your Customer key then:

Click here
Select your Problem type
Problem Text :
Problem Code:
Here you could offer a wide range of Product specific problems which help you to speed up the repair process. The selection is also written to the database and can be viewed here:
Click here
Generate BarCode for combined Customer
Product Problem Code:

[ ]
This Could be a way to include a Barcode on your page. the Barcode here is an image file and can be downloaded by right clicking the image and selecting the menu-point "save picture as..."

or by Clicking this button:
Generate Printable Lable by clicking on the button