Local Assistance

Services on time in the right quality

We can provide you with assistance in several areas out of which some are noted below.

Essential in this respect is that you can trust to find everything in place at the time and in the quality you requested. Nothing can be more annoying then trying to focus on the business topic on hand, for which you came from abroad, and instead of being able to focus on it you are confronted with "simple" organizational problems due to misunderstandings, local interpretation or the like.

We are used to work in this environment and know what "typical" avoidable problems do exist and we have an extensive list of service providers which we know we can trust.

Your time is much more valuable then the expenses you have in letting us provide you with proven services. Everything in time and at the quality you need.


Hotel Reservations

Certainly the internet offers you an abundance of hotels and other accommodations, in fact so much that the decision is difficult. But the information in the internet does what it is designed to do. It tries to sell each location as good as it can.

However if you are on a "mission" with appointments to keep with logistic topics to cover etc. it is essential to choose the right place with the right facilities for the purpose of the stay you plan. E.g. A place which looks near to a meeting point can still mean a considerable travelling time if one does not know the traffic conditions over the course of a day, traffic flow or availability of transportation. It maybe offers free of charge recreational facilities, which however close when you return from your business duties.

The list of possible mishaps of this kind is long and a "good-advice" is very much worth its price if such considerations are incorporated in good decisions. Our team being very acquainted with business needs and being very well versed in Thailand's environment is certainly able to provide you professional choices which meet your "real" business needs.


As most people know, Asian metropolitan areas are a transportation nightmare and hours of travel time for "actually short" distances are very common. Knowing the right means / combination of means for the planned trip can save you hours of time.

Of course we can provide Cars with or without drivers, but also knowing when or when not to use public transportations or such exotic means as Klong-boats are essential if time is of essence.

We not only can arrange for you the means, but will also work out for you the right combination of means to get where you want to be in time.

Lawyer Services

Everybody knows the situation: A business meeting gets to the point where suddenly things get very dynamic and a breakthrough is imminent, however some essential issues with regards to contract clauses, local laws or regulations etc are stand between you and success of your mission.

Getting quick and reliable legal advice is very often essential, but hard to arrange. One is new in the country does not know the right and trustworthy law firms and asking the local business partner is often also not the right way to go.

We know about such situations and are able to provide you with professional legal advice and councils on short notice to help you avoid loosing face and maybe a good deal.


Visa & Work permit

Nothing can be more annoying then getting in trouble with local law protection over mistakenly wrong usages of visa.

Thailand is in this respect a quite often not too straight forward country and entering the country with the a wrong visa or temporarily exiting the country without the right re-entry visa can make your stay quite uncomfortable and expensive to rectify.

Knowing what is needed for your business visit, your first project, for engineers you might need to send for advice, work or inspection is essential and can save you a lot of time an trouble.

We can provide you with the information about the right visa, documents necessary to obtain the right visa and can handle for you the Visa or Work permit process


More often then not a simple business visit turns into a major turning point for future business. Besides the one partner you wanted to visit you suddenly are facing many others as your business partner deems you a trustworthy partner. You even have to extend you stay and wherever you go there is the question: How can I reach you. Where can I send you some samples etc.

What looks more professional then having even for your business stay a set of professional "temporary" business cards.

We can provide you with quick designs or in case you can provide us with a business card of your foreign location we can provide you with a professional set of Business cards within a couple of hours.

The list of possible services is much much longer then the exemplary points mentioned above and we would be happy to work out with you the right set of service for your individual mission

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