Agent / Representative

Agent / Representation

There are many potential and potent markets around the globe, but more often then not the access to them is everything else then straight forward.

Very often the first step for a company seeking to expand its markets, is to contact the local chambers of commerce and indeed get very good information there. But still entering the market with any kind of company internal resources is very expensive.

Sending a sales agent, opening a sales representative office, opening a Branch-office of even opening a local subsidiary are very valid possibilities, but the expenses involved in the setup and especially in operating them is substantial. So in essence it is fair to say that such steps only make sense if existing business justifies such a step.

Solution types

The solution for companies which want to enter new markets with their services and/or product are "AGENT-AGREEMENTS", or "DISTRIBUTER-AGREEMENTS"


In essence this means that we find for your services and products customers, bring the business to a contract stage and you and the new customer enter in a direct contract. We as your agents, making this possible, would get for each contract a sales commission.


In essence this means that we get from you the right to sell your service or product under our company. Meaning: We buy from you to an agreed (discounted) price and we sell in the market whereby there are 2 contracts.
A) The Contract between you and us to buy the products from you and
B) the contract between the end customer and us for selling them locally.



Both types have their different flavours, advantages and disadvantages, but both are possibilities, for companies who don't want to invest in a local setup/presence of their own, to still do and expand their business in new markets.

We are interested in representing foreign companies as agents or distributors in Thailand and looking forward to discuss detailed opportunities with interested counterparts.

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