Disaster recovery planning

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

The Disaster Recovery Planning is essential a sub-process of the overall Business continuity planning.

The Reason for it being often address as a separate topic stems from the mainly IT driven Recovery planning steps which have in a way developed to an own discipline.

While Business continuity planning addresses preparedness of Business for disasters in general with the focus on defining what Degree of recovery is needed [Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) ] and for what function, the disaster recovery is the means of defining how this is to be achieved.

The how, for let's say logistics or Premise recovery etc, is mainly an individual plan on a case by case basis.

The how for IT however is pretty standardized and addresses topics like backup strategies, redundant systems etc.

IT Discovery Planning

Under Disaster Recovery Planning for IT there are for example 7 typical Tiers of recovery as methods of recovering mission-critical computer systems as required to support business continuity:

  • Tier 0: No off-site data – Possibly no recovery
  • Tier 1: Data backup with no hot site
  • Tier 2: Data backup with a hot site
  • Tier 3: Electronic vaulting
  • Tier 4: Point-in-time copies
  • Tier 5: Transaction integrity
  • Tier 6: Zero or near-Zero data loss
  • Tier 7: Highly automated, business integrated solution


All these Tiers have a defined Risk mitigation level and a corresponding cost associated. Hence it is up to the Business Continuity Planning to define what is needed for a specific business.


There are many Solution to implement the afore mentioned level of Security which are also offered by many Hardware vendors.

In essence it is a Question of wise choosing of solutions based on the Safety level really needed and the landscape in place for a given business.


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